Friday, April 17, 2009


I only have some boring details. First, Bounce-a-roon was perfect for his injection today. I did have him twitched, but he did not flinch. So I think next time I will try it without the twitch. He loves the herbs which he gets via dosing syringe, not shot into his mouth, but rather slowly squeezed so he gets to slurp them up. I think I have Deb fed him his herbs while I put in the needle.

The lab results came in the AM and have been forwarded to MO for evaluation. All I know to do has been done, so now we just wait.

Another beautiful day, Bounce has spent it in the zone. I need to spend some of it enjoying a rare thing in MN, a lovely day!


  1. So glad Bounce enjoys the herbs! I thought they were kidding when they said the horses loved them but they were so right on. I'd get nickers when the old syringe would come out!

    To answer your question about still having horses...Yep! Still muck a barn morning and night, still haul hay and all the sweet smells that come along with having horses. Now I just enjoy the company and don't do the showing...especially here in the Dakotas. There aren't that many dressage enthusiasts in our area if you know what I mean. My husband rides you can imagine the looks he got when he wore his britches..LOL!

  2. Yeah!!! Glad to hear it was a good day. I am glad he is enjoying the herbs, to him its like a treat.
    He is so handsome even with his polka dot fur.

  3. I'm glad you still have horses. I thought you might. A man in breeches in ND, oh my!

    Polka dot fur. I like that!