Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Starting Herbs

The herbs I'm to feed Bounce until his formulated herbs are ready, Total Immune Health, arrived and Bounce has started his first full day. The good news is, I am not getting anymore mane or tail hairs at this time, so what he has left isn't coming out. I know this isn't the herbs, but I was happy to see this. Prior to today I would get hands full of hair. He used to have a thick mane and tail. I used a shedding rake on him today and I didn't create any more bald spots. He looks so pathetic, poor baby.


  1. I sure hope he liked the herbs...mine sure did. I am so glad that he isn't loosing hair at the alarming rate he was..hopefully it will stop soon. Can't wait to hear how he does with the acupuncturist. We're pulling for him!

  2. I'll take photos if Dr. Blair doesn't mind. We are fortunate to have Interlaken clinic in my backyard. They travel all over the country and are renowned in their field. They will not do any traditional vet care though, no matter how much you plead. : )

  3. Thanks so much for sharing him with us. I had not thought about him loosing his mane or tail hairs....I am looking forward to tomorrow for him.