Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25

I took a shedding blade to him this morning and all I got was dead winter hair. No new bald spots have appeared on his body and I can tell the area on his chest has not increased, as the skin biopsy was done along the edge of the largest area and it has remained the same. I think he lost what little remained on his forehead. No mane or tail hairs fell out as I combed what he has left.


  1. You must feel quite relieved not to have more hair coming out! Hopefully some of the follicles will be able to regenerate some growth for the guy. Like the big gray in the background!!

  2. So glad he has stopped loosing his hair. Keep us posted with his progress. You can tell he is so skeptical of the camera.

  3. The grey is the neck in my masthead and the horse that is just about everywhere else on my sidebars. Ari. He is a Lipizzan/Arabian with unlimited ability, but he doesn't get used so much as he used to. I have two of them by Conversano II Aloha II, who is a USDF Gold Medalist at Grand Prix. Lou's owner used to be my dressage trainer before she left us for FL. Ari has plenty of hair!

    Bounce became suspicious of the camera from the last batch of photos. He was in his stall and he was very curious about it, until the flash went off. Now he knows it's a monster. They don't forget anything.

    Although Dr. Thomas thinks he'll regrow hair, I'm only aiming for the loss to stop.