Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10th

The first two photos were taken the third week of April

You can see he was quite bald

This photo was taken yesterday, July 9. He has considerable growth reoccurring.

The next two photos are the areas last to bald and they don't show any hair growth yet.

These face shots show new fuzz appearing 

Mane hair is coming back

This is where hair is returning on a front leg

The lighter spots in this shot is where hair has completely covered the bald spot.

These shots show the process of growth. You can see the dark skin surrounded by light fuzz. 

Some of the bare spots are totally filled with light hair, while others are still showing some skin.

I have hope he will continue to grow hair. He remains on the herbal treatment, so we shall see.

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26th

I think I am seeing a little fuzz growing some of Bounce's bald areas. I will need to monitor this so I can tell if it is really new growth or if it was there all along and I didn't notice. If he had not become so camera shy I would do a weekly photo journal, but he runs from the camera.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th

I haven't updated this blog for a long time. I haven't had much to say about Bounce. He lost a little more hair on his back and along the inside of his hind legs, but it seems to have stopped, at least for now. 

I put him on antibiotics because I thought it couldn't hurt. The vet gave them to me, but she says he does have an autoimmune disease, regardless of how the blood work looks. She told me three pathologists have confirmed Alopecia. She doesn't believe the infection has anything to do with it. I don't know what to think, but I have tried anything I thought may help. 

I continue with the herbs, but I have no idea if this is helpful or just a placebo for me. I have to admit he has a new name, baldy. He's also a little more bossy with the herd then his usual attitude (which has always been pushy), so I think someone out there called him baldy too. : ) 

I'll get photos of him when I get the chance, but the change is not drastic.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25

I took a shedding blade to him this morning and all I got was dead winter hair. No new bald spots have appeared on his body and I can tell the area on his chest has not increased, as the skin biopsy was done along the edge of the largest area and it has remained the same. I think he lost what little remained on his forehead. No mane or tail hairs fell out as I combed what he has left.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Further info from Dr. Thomas explaining why he knows Bounce does not have an autoimmune disease.



Bounce does not have an autoimmune disease; his blood work does however reveal a significant bacterial infection. The bacterial infection is displayed by his high percentage (72%) of segmented neutrophils and low percentage (23%) of lymphocytes. For an autoimmune disease to present there must be, at the minimum, low percentage of segmented neutrophils and high percentage of lymphocytes; if you notice this is the exact opposite relationship of these two variables. This latter pattern could also represent a viral infection but I was looking to see if at least the last one was in Bounce’s blood work. If this is still confusing dear just email back. The differential count of a CBC can tell us so much when you know what the specific patterns and relations of its test results represent.


I am delighted to hear that Bounce has not lost any more hair since using my Total Immune Health solution. This is exactly what I would expect if a bacterial infection was the cause of Bounce’s hair loss. I expect Bounce’s hair to grow back Sandra but what had to happen first was the loss had to stop; this is an indication that bacterial infection is no longer getting worse.




Dr. Thomas

Good News

I received this email this morning from Dr. Thomas. I have asked for clarification, since the skin biopsy result stated alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease. If that is wrong, I am delighted. I have so many questions.




I was happy to receive Bounce’s blood work and discover that he is not suffering from an autoimmune disease. This is a great relief. What his blood work did reveal is a significant bacterial infection which could certainly explain Bounce’s apparent alopecia. I know nothing better to take of a bacterial infection that my Total Immune Health; keep him at the dosage I recommended; i.e. 4 scoops X 3. Has his hair loss stopped or is it still continuing?




Dr. Thomas


Friday, April 17, 2009


I only have some boring details. First, Bounce-a-roon was perfect for his injection today. I did have him twitched, but he did not flinch. So I think next time I will try it without the twitch. He loves the herbs which he gets via dosing syringe, not shot into his mouth, but rather slowly squeezed so he gets to slurp them up. I think I have Deb fed him his herbs while I put in the needle.

The lab results came in the AM and have been forwarded to MO for evaluation. All I know to do has been done, so now we just wait.

Another beautiful day, Bounce has spent it in the zone. I need to spend some of it enjoying a rare thing in MN, a lovely day!