Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Bounce was treated today, but I couldn't get photos. It was quick and we also didn't need Bounce acting up. Bounce doesn't like the camera. 

He was given an IV injection of a traditional immune booster and an injection in one of the immune indicator spots on his croup. That was a homeopathic concoction, the only ingredient I remember is echinacea. I have to repeat that treatment 2 times a week for 2 weeks.  Blake said he felt confidence in this working because Bounce was very reactive in the points that indicate immune system problems. I am optimistic.

I now know the second ingredient, Tramisol, an immunostimulant.


  1. I'm optimistic too! So, having forgotten to ask earlier, with these treatments are you hoping to eradicate the alopecia or just control it?

  2. Boosting the auto immune system should really help Bounce. I've got my fingers crossed for him. Did they use the needles all over his body? Just curious as they did his croup. We used the needles all over the body of one of my geldings...not the one that Dr Thomas treated...and was so weird to see when she pulled them out. Several looked as if they had gone through a crimping iron! After several treatments, they were coming out straight and he had totally changed as far as aggression and performance. Can't wait to see the next installment on the fella!

  3. I'm looking to control it. Alopecia causes the hair follicle to die, so I am not expecting his hair to come back. I'm trying to stop the loss.

    These guys don't do the needles all over the body. They go into specific spots and inject something, in this case euchanasia and the other thing I can't remember. I've had 100% success with this for lameness, so I'm hopeful. They've treated one autoimmune disease, the one where the skin breaks out in awful blisters, with success.

    It's interesting that the needles were affected. Oh my!

  4. I am glad it went well for Bounce today, keep us posted.
    I have a sister with Lupus and I have Fibromyalgia, so I have an understanding of autoimmune diseases and how he is feeling. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. He has been in the zone all day. Acupuncture puts the horses in a quiet place and Bounce has been there. I have a lot of horses so they don't all get individual attention, just the basics. Bounce is now on the list of the few who get more of my time. He's not sure why, nor is he sure he likes it. But he is processing the experience and he will come to a conclusion.